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Supplier Data Licence

MSG Data Service for Ship Suppliers and Manufacturers

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The cost for suppliers, manufacturers and others to subscribe the MSG Data Service is based on an initial one-time setup fee as well as an annual subscription fee. The data service 6-month updates are provided within the annual subscription, which is subject to an annual renewal.

This is separated into two bands – Band A and Band B.

IMPA members benefit from 10% discount on the admin fee

Band A - Companies/organisations with employees from 1-50

One time account & administration set-up fee

750 Euros

10% discount for IMPA members (75 Euros off)

675 Euros

Annual usage fee

500 Euros

Band B - Companies/organisations with more than 50 employees

One time account & administration set-up fee

1500 Euros

10% discount for IMPA members (150 Euros off)

1350 Euros

Annual usage fee

1000 Euros

“An IMPA code often accompanies the data we receive from our customers. We use the IMPA code to meet our customers’ needs to secure all items can be identified, for us to deliver the correct items – wherever, whenever.”

Wrist Ship Supply

“Over the years, the IMPA catalogue has gained more and more importance to handle the daily inquiry workload. In these days, our clients work with numerous web-based order platforms. The fact that, in most cases, item descriptions are accompanied by their IMPA code which is very beneficial for HMS as a ship supplier because it is essential in order for us to identify the correct item.”

HMS Hanseatic Marine Services GmbH & Co. KG

If you would like to get more information or if you want to purchase a Data Licence, please contact us.