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Publisher data licence

MSG Data Licence for Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Suppliers

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Publish the IMPA MSG unique six digit codes alongside your own codes.

A new licence has been introduced for manufacturers and suppliers who for a long time have wanted the ability to match their own product codes to the IMPA MSG codes and want the ability to promote these either online or in their own printed catalogues. This new agreement allows them to publish the IMPA MSG unique six digit codes alongside their own codes and images.

The cost for the Publisher Licence is based on an annual subscription fee.
This is separated into five bands – Band A, Band B, Band C, Band D and Band E.

IMPA members receive 10% discount

Band A (Up to 200 codes)

Matched and published = 500 Euros per annum

Band B (Up to 350 codes)

Matched and published = 800 Euros per annum

Band C (Up to 750 codes)

Matched and published = 1250 Euros per annum

Band D (Up to 1500 codes)

Matched and published = 1750 Euros per annum

Band E (Up to 3000 codes)

Matched and published = 2250 Euros per annum

“The IMPA codes allow our customers to quickly and easily find our products, saving them time and money, and creating efficiency in their supply chain.”

A.A.H. Alligator B.V.

Case study

Time is everything: optimising our website with the IMPA codes

In the shipping industry, time is everything, which is why those operating in the maritime supply
chain constantly strive for efficiency. As a leading technical wholesaler, Alligator is no different.

Its inventory of more than 15,000 products is distributed to ship suppliers across the
world from warehouses in Rotterdam, Singapore, Shanghai and Houston.

At the heart of that activity is the company’s website – a site that provides information
and photos of the 15,000 items that Alligator carries. Navigating that inventory could be
a minefield for its customers – but it isn’t. To make life simple, easy and hassle free for
its customers, Alligator lists its products on its site using IMPA’s six-digit MSG codes.

This means that it is quick, easy and clear for customers to find the product they’re
looking for on Alligator’s site, using the IMPA codes – saving them time and money,
and improving efficiency.

“The industry knows and works daily with the IMPA codes,” An Alligator spokesperson
said. “Creating a search function that links our products with their corresponding IMPA
codes on our own website is, in our opinion, the most optimal and efficient way to allow
customers to easily and quickly find our products.”

A.A.H. Alligator B.V.

Want to optimise? Optimise your website and save your customers time, hassle and money? Then get in touch today to start using the IMPA MSG Publisher's Licence on your website

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