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The IMPA Marine Stores Guide

Buyer data licence

MSG Data Service for Ship Owners and Operators

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The cost for buyers to subscribe the MSG Data Service is based on an initial one-time setup fee as well as an annual subscription fee.

This is separated into two bands – Band A and Band B.

IMPA members benefit from 10% discount on the admin fee

Band A - 5 ships or less

One time account & administration set-up fee

900 Euros

10% discount for IMPA members (90 Euros off)

810 Euros

Annual usage fee.

50 Euros per ship

Band B - 6 ships or more

One time account & administration set-up fee

1250 Euros

10% discount for IMPA members (125 Euros off)

1125 Euros

Annual usage fee

50 Euros per ship

“The Marine Stores Guide Data is an essential part of our ordering process and integrated into our fleet operations.”

Anglo Eastern Group

“The MSG Data Licence has improved our department’s operations considerably. With the catalogue incorporated into our purchasing system, ship staff only need to select the items and add the quantities to make up their requisitions. Requisitions can therefore be made up quickly and the prospect of varying descriptions or errors in description are eliminated.”

Thome Ship Management

If you would like to get more information or if you want to purchase a Data Licence, please contact us.